Hela Bog

With this page, we want to give respect to Hela Bog`s authorship for the Theory of the Global Justice.

In the visions-novel "The Meaning Creator" Hela Bog introduces the idea of the Global-Justice-Theory, and its realization through the Global Justice Parties.

Very interesting are the ideas on the effects of the Global Justice Movement on the different nations, the handling of the global basic-care system in praxis and the role of the banks within the process of commercialization of inheritances in field of enterprises, shares, partnerships, etc. .

Mainly, the novel is about the basic values of life. What is really freedom? Is the fight of life and morality an antithesis? What is good, what is bad and what is God? Hela Bog gives us refreshing answers through the protagonist`s, Ronda, way to himself. A future, which gives us more and more time for ourselves, needs more than ever before true values.

On the whole: a wonderfully written book, which makes absolute sense. A fantastic book to start on thinking, about one as an individual and to a completly new idea of world politics.

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